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When considering to do Search Engine Optimization for a new website,  some business can't afford to hire or get help from an experienced in-house SEO or Consultant. so they won't do anything  and just carry on without doing SEO and try to success their business. in new era of internet if you wanna  success your business you need to be ranked in top search results.
In this blog post we gona look some basic steps you can do without SEO experts,  this will help you to have your right foot in Search Engine world. even if you can't hire a professional to help out your are going to be listed in Search Engine.

On-Site SEO Basic
Most important step in SEO is On-Site Optimization or we can say On-Page Optimization  needs to happen in your web page,  all heard about link building (if not we will be discussing in a later post), if there is no good On-Site Optimization no point of having good links mean doing linked building is useless and not effective. okay lets discuss some basic On-Site Optimization must to be done on your web pages importantly in your home page.

We say these steps as Golden Rule of On-Site Optimization. wait, before getting start  keep in mind when using any of the following elements in not to overdo.  tempted to show a lot of keywords on pages, remember that's not the goal.  When it comes to keyword optimization think up to five keywords or keyword phrases for each page on your  website and optimize.
Title Tag
<title> OrangeHRM :: Free Human Resource Management Software</title>
This tag explain to search engine what is on your web page, what the page is about. Title should be 70 character or less and need to include your brand name or business name and keywords that related to specific page. and the title tag place between <head></head> tag near top of HTML code.

Meta Description Tag
<meta name="description" content="World's most popular open source HRMS serving more than 1 million users. Feature packed HR software with live support and customization options" />
Meta description give search engine little more insights into what your page about.  still in SEO there is debate about whether meta descriptions can help with keyword rankings.  basically character count for meta description is 150 or less, its helps when search results are displayed to human easy to understand about the page also and it helps your search results stand out to the searcher when they are searching those terms.

Try to execute these steps, then follow this post  Step by Step Guide to SEO -2. and if you guys have time visit this blog post as well to understand more about SEO.

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