11/11/2013 02:14:00 PM
In 2013 mid, Facebook surpasses a big milestone when it recorded over 2 billion active monthly users. with 2.7 billion "likes" recorded on Facebook each day in 2012. Facebook has become a must place for Brands, Businesses, Musicians, Celebrities, Public figures, Non-profit  Organization and more to interact with customers and wider audience of online community.

To create a Facebook page you don't have to be programmer, web designer, marketing expert, or technology person, etc.... anyone with a Facebook account can create a Facebook page within minutes. and as I said creating Facebook page is easy but getting the like for the page is another part of it. when we look into the pages available in Sri Lanka most of them are try to gather likes and posting the milestones when they reach 50K 100K likes  as cover photo, posts, gift give away, etc..

If a Brand looks into collecting likes and show that as competition point  with their competitor, they are really in the bad run on Facebook marketing or we can say in wrong track of Social Media marketing. there  are lot of ways of collecting likes for Facebook page, for example if you go to Fiverr.com only need to pay 5$ can get 10K likes for page. Are these like going to be useful for the Brand ? are these likes going to be  brands customer or audience ? are these likes going to be converted leads ?

Keep in mind when you're running Facebook page and collecting likes, is those likes are going to useful in any way to your brand or business in future. find out the potential costumers of your brand and target them, rather than collecting likes and showing that you had win your competitor.

Example from Sri Lankan Telco brands. Let me take 3 Telco Brands Mobitel, Dialog, Etisalt.

Mobitel Facebook page has the highest number of like Sri Lankan brands, if you look into the Local fans percentage from the total like is 61.4%. The balance 38% of like are from foreign countries.
Dialog Facebook page has the 2nd highest number Facebook likes in Telco brand from Sri Lanka, from the total number of likes Dialog having percentage 67% of local likes.

Etisalat Facebook page likes are the last among the 3 selected Telco brands. from there total like they have 91% of local fans.

 From the stats we can see which Telco brand is really looks healthy with their Facebook likes in Sri Lanka 

Image Source : bbc.co.uk, Social Bakers


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