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Facebook page owners must need to know about this 10 tips, If you knew more about your Facebook fans, how would that improve? let's see what Facebook page owners can do
  • Get to know about your Fans
  • Find about fans interests and hobbies
  • Is your employees like Business Facebook Page
  • Learn about your competitors 
  • Try to catch up with new potential business partnerships
  • Improve your business quality in Facebook 
By using search Terms/Queries can improve your page quality, reach, audience, etc

1) Connect with your Colleagues
                Search : People who are not my friend who like PAGE NAME
2) Friends who like your Facebook page
                Search : My friends who like PAGE NAME
3) Learn about your fans Interests
                Search : Favorite interests of people who like PAGE NAME
4) Get to know about pages your fans Like
                Search : Pages liked by people who like PAGE NAME and PAGE NAME
5) Learn about specific fans Likes pages
                Search : Pages liked by PERSON or PAGE
6) Identify new prospect market by comparing fan Base
                Search : Fans of PAGE NAME 1 and PAGE NAME 2
7) Get new Customers
                Search : People who work at PLACE and like SOMETHING
8) Find intersecting interests of people
                Search : Favorite interests of people who like PAGE NAME 1 and PAGE NAME 2
9) Competitors learning
                Search : TYPE OF BUSINESS in LOCATION visited by people who like PAGE NAME
10) Learn your fans interests
                Search : Movies liked by people who like PAGE NAME
                Search : Sports teams of people who like PAGE NAME

Ok guys these Search Queries/Terms looks cool but remember there is 3 situation these Search Queries/Terms won't work.
  1. Facebook Graph Search not available in mobile.
  2. Search query cant sort. 
  3. Privacy setting of Facebook Profiles can limit some results.
Source : Socialbakers


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