10/14/2015 12:55:00 PM
SEO Sri Lanka Freelancer
When handling Ecommerce websites there are several things that needs to be pay attention in SEO terms. for that I had done a presentation for my current work place, what are the
SEO check list needs to be prepared on Ecommerce website.

Categorized Ecommerce SEO check list as follow

  1. Page Title (how the page title needs to be written )
  2. Description (about length & unique )
  3. Keywords (selecting keywords & placing them)
  4. Content (writing content for the page & duplicates)
  5. Internal Links (about linking in between internal pages)
  6. URL (how the URL's needs to be generated)
  7. Errors (how to find, ways to correct)
  8. Page Loading (speed of the page loading time)
  9. Social Media (about connecting & sharing features of social media)


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