6/21/2013 02:51:00 PM
Today's topic in Social Media channels video facility in Instagram, but no one knows its announced by Facebook,  at the press meet June 20th 2013. They announced  "The addition of video to popular photo sharing application Instagram". can say this move is an obvious against Twitter's video sharing app Vine, comes with the introduction of Vine for Android. (Vine another Social Media channel which used to shared video of 6 sec)

What is Instagram ? 

Instagram is a photo sharing (and now video) with filter facility. People share photos on Instagram, People login, Like other people's photos, People comment on photos, etc, and now  its allows video to share, it allows 15seconds of video. 

Instagram video basics
  • 15 second video clips (with the ability to edit sections within videos)
  • 13 Custom filters designed for Instagram Video only.
  • No Looping
  • The ability to select a cover frame (excellent opportunity for brands)
  • Day One iOS and Android Support
  • Full support for Video on Instagram.com Web Profiles
  • Auto-play on mobile upon touch release, play button on web
  • Instagram Cinema: Powerful Cinematic stabilization for Instagram Videos

The move made by Facebook to play on larger social landscape to increase usage across both apps drive value to ads on platforms. after buying Instagram a year ago, both(Facebook and Instagram) changed significantly and closer connected through sharing, privacy and now introduction of Facebook hashtag.
Instagram CEO C0-founder Kevin Systrom announced "Instagram now has 130 million monthly active users who have uploaded 16 Billion photos, liking 1 Billion photos a day and has been growing significantly in popularity " announced on 20th June 2013 after a brief by Mark Zukerberg.

How Instagram video works

1>Instagram users will have same interface what they used, now with a new video icon and the ability record 15 sec  video. 
2>you have to press and hold down the button to record. let go when your finish or you can record another scene.
3>small advantage here if you like the video you can move to next step if you dont like the clip click the delete button it will erase from the timeline.
4>Instagram partnered with video filter specializes.  you can find 13 brand new custom filters designed specifically for video.
5>Grate advantage ability to choose the thumbnail or cover frame from any clip in the video.
6>Same as photo you can add description , include #hashtag (which will now work for Twitter and Facebook), add location, and you can share on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
7> When you see in your stream, video are marked by and icon in the top right. when you surf through video will auto play, you can pause if you want,  it will not loop.

I'm sure this is a good move by Facebook, this feature won't be thread for youtube. in the announcement today they didn't mention of  embeddable video clips.  Comment what you guys think about this new feature by Facebook to Instagram...  

Image Source : lh5.ggpht.com, cbc.ca, static2.businessinsider.com, ignitesocialmedia.com


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