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Nowadays Hot, Trending, Most wanted topic is Facebook marketing!! Everyone started doing it simply without knowing the depth of the Facebook Marketing. They think if they know how to create a account or how to chat in Facebook or how to create a page & some thinks just uploading a picture is Facebook marketing.  By watching some of the page activities I decided to write about Facebook Marketing do List. 

Before you start Facebook marketing you need to place some things correctly in order to get good results. 

1> A proper website - Website is your main connecting point to your business, from the web you can showcase your offers to customers.  Mainly nowadays your website need to be responsive. You guys might think what's this new word 'Responsive'. Simply it's about the web can align to the device that surf it. 

2>A proper business plan - Money!! how it's going to arrive to your business. Most people never think how or the source of money  comes to their business, it means they don't have a solid business plan. And they don't understand things like the cost of goods or how much money they can allocate for Marketing

3>A e-mail marketing - Mostly large consumer products do not needed a email delivery system, but most business need the email marketing as part of overall marketing strategy.  We can say email is not dead yet and best way being seen by the bulk of your current and needed customers. There are lot of email providers out there get the best one. I can suggest MailChimp, EmailBrain which is used by us most of the time for personal and work purposes. ( I'll be writing about How to do eMail marketing.... Wait for that) 

4>An Optimized Facebook Page - Before you start Facebook marketing create your Facebook page properly. Oh! you guys might think what 'properly' sounds for. It's not about going to Facebook page section creating page, when you create your page understand what category or type or kind your business going to be fall on.  After creating page have proper profile picture, may be your business logo.  Then a cover photo, please follow the terms and condition of Facebook while uploading cover photo, fill up your business details like description, website contact info, if you have opening hours etc.  Then fill up your timeline like started date, found date, Awards, Milestone etc. Think you guys got what I meant by properly!! 

Hope these four most do list will take at-least 1 week time to finish, once you guys finish these steps follow my blog I'll be updating the Facebook Marketing do List-2
Image sources : cdn1.hubspot.com, senitro.com, cce.clark.edu, prosar.com, dreamgrow.com
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