6/19/2013 07:37:00 PM
Last couple of days i was really annoyed by this Facebook hashtag news, really I'm not getting it why people in Facebook keen about this news, I was little late to get this news, after 10hrs of release only i got to know about it. still I'm in a confusion stage to understand what this hashtag going to do in Facebook, because we are using hash tag in Twitter, Instagram, G+, etc what the difference going to be ? mainly arrives question are whats going to happened to privacy setting for status's? not to worry about the public shared status, and about group status's like 3 kind of groups are there how they gona be displayed while using the Hash tag ?

Before going into the Facebook hashtag how many of you know whats hash tag is ? who invented it ? for what purpose it was invented ? 
not going to discuss fully about hashtag we ill see in another blog post. just basic the hash tag symbol (#) was created in 2007, and Twitter declined one of their key defining features.

The Facebook hashtag feature more likely on twitter, can be added to the post and when its clicked words begins with the symbol will be automatically showed in a page as group. this feature is piece of Facebook's effort to make things easier. this feature was hinted around march by facebook and they rolled out in june. when its comes to rolled out means they were little hurry about this release with the competitors like G+, the reason still the Mobile users of Facebook have to wait a bit longer than the desktop users to fully adopt the hashtag.

Mainly can see as advantage allows you to click on a hashtag and view all the recent post of friends, pages, and group into one convenient stream. mainly before Facebook makes this feature as paid make use of it. with million of people using Facebook companies have opportunity to create additional, untapped value by bringing together people who are talking about the same things.

How Facebook going to benefit from this hashtag, the users those who re-share from other social-media platforms, their hashtags will become click-able, linking back to the related conversation on facebook. advertising on facebook will gain higher ROI(Return on Investment) by use of hashtag, same hash can now be used across all social networks. Future advertisers able to target their advertisement based on users hashtag.

hashtag played a major part in SMM(Social Media Marketing) through the micro blogging site Twitter. Facebook was forced to move into hashtag feature, finally Facebook going to be direct competitor to Twitter. but remember Twitter is not a small company it had more than 200 million monthly active users up 2012 December, the growth from 140 million march 2012

What ever the advantage by hashtag, as a facebook user there are conflict in this new feature keep following for the Facebook hashtag updates.

Image source : Facebook News, mstrust.org.uk, firepolemarketing.com


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